You Can Now Record Audio in 3D with Your iPhone

Sennheisser is one of the most respected brands in the recording industry. Their famous MD421-II is one of the most useful and versatile microphones to date. But one of their newer products is especially groundbreaking. Their newest microphones look like in-ear headphones but are built to record audio for the intended use of combining it with 3D film. They can also be configured with for recording with your mobile device!

The AMBEO Smart Headset is Sennheisser’s new in-ear mics that intend to capture sound as you would perceive it in real life. With noise cancellation and transparent hearing, you are able to switch between cancelling out unwanted environment sounds and hearing your surrounds with extreme ease. These microphones are entirely compatible with iOS devices. This means you can record videos on your iPhone and pair it with 3D recorded audio to create spectacular mobile productions. In addition to the recording features the AMBEO Smart Headset offers, it still can act as a modern headset and allows you to manage music and calls.

" compatible with all iOS devices... "

While recording within iOS devices, you are able to go into the free AMBEO Smart Headset app and toggle with advanced features such as input levels, EQ pre-sets, enabling and disabling voice prompts and more.

This type of recording is called Binaural Recording, which means that the surrounds recorded are meant to interpret sound as close as possible to real life with the microphones acting as our ears. This is one of the most immersive and life-like ways to have the listener feels as though they are in the same environment.

Getting a little technical, the AMBEO has a frequency range of 15 – 22,000Hz which is amazing because the human ear can hear between 20 – 20,000Hz. There are however some limitations. The maximum sound pressure level that the AMBEO can handle is 112dB, about the volume of a really loud rock show.

Although there are few reviews on the actual site, there are some mixed reviews as to how well the product actually works. The price tag on this currently runs for $249.99 But hopefully some more people can get their hands on these and write some more informative reviews on the product! When that happens, I’ll be first in line for a pair.