Spotify is Giving Away FREE Google Home Minis… What’s the Catch?

Earlier this week, Spotify announced that they would be giving Spotify Premium Users in Canada free Google Home Minis. That’s right FREE. This is super cool for premium users, but a huge bummer if you’re wrapped up in a Family or Student Plan. One has to ask… why is Spotify doing this? Is it to get non-paying users to upgrade, to steal streamers from other platforms, a distraction tactic meant to draw attention away from the recent bad publicity Spotify has received with regards to paying artists so poorly? All of the above? Let’s dive a little deeper and see if there’s an angle here.

Just 5 days ago Apple Music surpassed Spotify's paid subscriber count in the United States, according to sources who spoke with The Wall Street Journal. That has to sting. Spotify providing free Google Home Minis to the Canadian market would be an interesting response to losing US subscribers. It begs the question, is this coincidence or is Spotify trying to dominate in other territories by bringing in new subscribers? Why not use this tactic in the US to regain some of your market share? The simple answer to this is that the US is simply too large to provide everyone with Google Home Minis without taking substantial losses.

Spotify Headquarters, Stockholm, Sweden

There’s no way the Swedish based streaming service isn’t taking a loss. Google Home Minis run for about $80 retail, so Spotify gifting Canadian users a free Google Mini is a pretty big deal. With users having one of these in their homes, it will make it easier for them to listen to their playlists by utilizing A.I voice command software similar to ‘Siri’ or ‘Alexa’. Currently, the downfall with Spotify on Apple products is that you can’t ask Siri to play your music (why would apple provide a feature that makes a competitor service easily accessible…). Giving the consumers a device that allows them to play Spotify with ease is a great move.

In more recency, Spotify hasn’t been looked at too keenly by many artists and music supporters alike for their cuts to payouts per stream. It seems they are robbing artists even more so of their royalties. In other words, they’re making out like bandits while the artists are making next to nothing. The artist nor the service would thrive without the other, therefore a lopsided royalty scheme is a far cry from fair. The pay per stream for an artist comes out to about $0.006 - $0.0084. Yikes… Newsflash, people notice corporate bullying and don’t tend to favour with it. This Google Home Mini marketing strategy would be an excellent method to distract everyone from other pressing issues and to get them back into bed with this streaming giant.

Whatever the reason for Spotify’s collaboration with Google, the FREE deal can be redeemed until May 31st while supplies last. Users have the option to choose either colour model (white or black). Word is spreading fast. If this is something you are interested in having, reserve yours today by clicking the link below or by signing into your Spotify account online!