Harm & Ease is a modern rock band originally from Burlington, Ontario formed and founded by Canadian Rylan Whalen (Vocals) and Danny Lopez (Guitar). The group has been an established group in Buenos Aires, Argentina for the past 3 years and incorporated a cast of musicians consisting of: John Goodblood (Bass), Juan Meisen (Piano), Ben Atkins ( Vocals, Percussion ) and Ilan Amores (Drums). The band released two studio albums (2017 & 2018) with the second album "Black Magic Gold" gaining positive critical acclaim in Argentina. After completing a national tour for the album, the group will return to their homeland of Canada and prepare for their next studio release in March 2019

Career Milestones


300,000+ total streams on Spotify since 2017

Signed a publishing deal with "Warner Chapel Argentina" for their last two albums

Have played to a crowd of over 1,000 fans at many music festivals  ("Bruder Beer Festival", "Wateke Food Festival")

20,000+ views on every music video published 

2,000+ monthly Spotify listeners

↠ 9,000+ Instagram followers

12,000+ Facebook Fans

Have had interviews appearing on/in Rolling Stone, MTV, CMTV & Billboard


Social Media

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12,000+ Facebook Fans

9,000+ Instagram Followers

300,000+ Spotify Streams

1,400+ Youtube Subscribers

The Full Story

"From Canada, to Argentina, & back..."

"Harm & Ease " is the product of Danny Lopez and Rylan Whalen, two friends who began writing songs together in Burlington, Ontario at a young age. Times were great for the pair until Danny was needed for family reasons in Argentina. 


If Danny couldn't stay in Canada, then Rylan would go where Danny was to keep their musical dreams alive; Argentina. 

After writing a collection of songs titled "Miles Away" Rylan relocated at only 17 years old and the band went in to record their first album at a local Argentine studio.

Midway through their recording process the studio caught fire and burned to the ground along with all of their recordings. It seemed the universe was telling them to quit. 

With little money and support the band soon became acquainted musically and personally with a cast of local musicians who now makeup the current 6-man Harm & Ease.

Harm & Ease re-recorded and released their first album retitled "Wonderful Changes" in 2017. It was well received by the Buenos Aires Rock community. Doors opened to playing night clubs, festivals, and filled out shows. Fan size grew rapidly.

After releasing their 2nd studio album "Black Magic Gold" and recording a single with Grammy Award winning producer Joe Chiccarelli, the band intends to come back to Canada in March 2019, and dive into a full on tour.





PHONE- +1(905) 808 5275